Easter 2017

Easter 2017.

I was still recovering from my Saturday night meltdown but Kev and his crew were at their family for Easter lunch. We were obviously invited but I just wasnt feeling it. NO MORE SOCIALS please.

My tribe and I embraced the time together - chilled on our big grey couch - watching Survivor. It felt so comfortable. So familiar.

In that moment of comfort and familiarity a deep, resounding sadness shook my soul.

Easter was always in Mcgregor with Russ. Hunts in the big beautiful garden.

Now there is no Mcgregor house and no Russ. The loss took my breath away.

But I was able to hold it quietly. I was able to get up, walk outside, take a deep breath and set up a silly little hunt for my kids.

It wasn't the best day but it wasn't the worst.


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