Greetings People

Plett April 2017


It is back to school day. I cannot even tell you (do I need to explain?) how good it feels to have a quiet uncluttered house.

Living with 8 other people (actually 10 cos my folks currently live in our flat) is not for the faint of heart. 

As most of you know - I LIKE quiet. And wide open spaces. And did I mention QUIET?

clearly a moment when i was not quite camera ready :-)

These holidays were a great success but by Saturday I had just had enough - I unravelled completely and went off like a stark-raving banshee. 

It was extremely unpleasant; I tried to reason with myself but alas, I was powerless against the tide.

The introvert came out like a demon demanding that everyone sod off and that everything needed to just STOP for a moment. 

I have to say that Kev is very good at creating space for me but even he came under wicked fire --- totally blamed him for my insane state. [that is a completely different post....remind me!]

Our lives are SO BUSY. I hate even saying that word -BUSY. It is like a swear word to me. 
I have spent the last many years decluttering my life and trying to find a simple way to live quietly.

Selfies everywhere we go...Vic Bay

Then a nuclear bomb exploded. And I survived. I now I have to start all over again with a couple of extra (very loved) moving parts.

It is all very confusing. And annoying at times. Like seriously? 

But we live to tell the tale of our ordinary lives in extraordinary circumstances.


  1. You and millions of moms are smiling today - me too!


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