Kids and Church

Rach asked to go to church today.  I am not a church-goer. I did it for half my life and it never served me in any way least of all getting closer to God. I don't believe being in a church environment was beneficial for me nor for the people around me.

I do, however, believe that it has a place and should my kids wish to go I will be the first to facilitate this.

She went to the teen group and I sat in the service quietly. Ready to just relax and go with the flow. Naive I think. I have never felt relaxed in a church environment - no matter how trendy or hip the church.

Sadly today was (I felt) a very politically motivated sermon. Something about racial interaction; governance and Jesus thrown in for good measure.

I needed to leave the meeting. And I took my (other 2) kids out with me. Church and politics. Really?

The upside is Rach really enjoyed the time at her meeting - she would like to go again.

I will take her and find a meaningful way to spend the 90 minutes while I wait.


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